Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Big Day...'s the story....

We've been car shopping since March. In June, I finally decided on the make, model, and color of the car I wanted. We placed an order for the car, however, none of our local dealerships were able to locate the exact model/color we wanted. Therefore, we were told we'd have to wait for a matching model to be shipped over from Japan. While waiting, we continued to shop around.

Then "Cash for Clunkers" happened in August and EVERY relatively fuel efficient vehicle was snapped up. Most dealerships didn't even have a car we could test drive. At this point we decide we might as well wait for the 2010 models to come out.

The 2010 model we wanted began arriving at dealerships in early October. We kept performing internet searches looking for the make/model/color we wanted, to no avail. We contact the local dealership, again. They located two matching cars, one in Miami and one in St. Augustine, FL. Turns out the one in St. Augustine was already sold and they were unable to obtain the one in Miami for us.

Completely fed up with out local dealerships, we contact the dealership in St. Augustine. They confirmed that the car they had on the lot was already sold. However, they stated they might be able to get the car in Miami. Two hours later, we had purchased my new car.

Two weeks later (waiting for delivery from Miami) we FINALLY get to pick up my brand new 2010 RAV4. It was a 6 month adventure I don't plan to repeat for at least 10 more years.
Absolutely loving my new car, by the way.

On the way to St. Augustine this morning, we turn a corner and are greeted with this view:

I couldn't help but try to get a few more photos at 60 mph.


princesa de un cuento infinito said...

.I can't imagine how stressed u were because all the car's stuff. I'm very impatient so if I would be you I would be just freak out!