Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am documenting our hunt for our first house.

I started with a $1 chipboard house book from Michael's. I had the idea of creating a mini-book that actually looked like a three dimensional house.
I covered one side of each house shape with white cardboard backing and the other side with the corrugated part of the cardboard. I liked the "moving box" look and texture these papers provided.

I used my bind-it-all to bind three of the four house "corners" together. At the end I will devise a way to close the fourth "corner".
The book still lies flat like a conventional mini-book.
Or it stands up like a conventional mini-book.
Here's a quick peek inside. I'll share more when it's further along.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where oh Where....

Ok, time to fess up...

I've been

Nearly bought this one last weekend. Still considering and still looking. It's been sucking up all my free time (first time home buyers and all).

Be back soon with a mini-book that is currently in the works.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Found Embellishments

Many people these days are looking for less expensive ways to scrapbook. Sometimes I point people with questions about budget scrapbooking to my blog because, while I spend an obscene amount of money on supplies, my style can generally be duplicated with only inexpensive or reusable supplies such as paint, cardstock, book pages, cardboard, stamps, ink, fabric, and found or handmade embellishments.

For example, I found this gem in my local Sunday newspaper this morning:
Imagine this page trimmed into 12-inch strips, borders, or tags and used on a travel or life-journey themed page.

Now, newspaper is not acid free. I will spritz this page with a buffering spray (like Archival Mist) before storing it and before using it on a page. I will also not use original or non-replaceable photos on a page with non-acid free items (I rarely use original photos anyway these days).

Keep an eye out for other objects you can incorporate into your pages for little or no money. I will continue to try to post what I find.