Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 1

Okay, so it's really Day 7, but it's Day 1 of the heavy duty work inside the house. To this point:

Wednesday, May 26 - We closed on the house. Had an exterminator do the termite booster for the ground surface and an interior treatment.

Thursday, May 27 - First load of flooring delivered, carpet and pad removed. Started cleaning the kitchen.

Friday, May 28 - Phone, internet, Fios installed. Finished cleaning the kitchen. Shopped for a couch.

Saturday, May 29 - Met landscaper at house for consultation. Spent a ton of money on plants.

Sunday, May 30 - Moved first load of kitchen stuff to the new house. Purchased new couch, to be delivered in (ugh!) 5-7 weeks. Purchased rug for studio (to protect my new wood floors :) ). Purchased pull out cabinet drawers for pantry.

Monday, May 31 - Moved second load of kitchen stuff to the new house. Purchased curtains and curtain rods. Purchase ladder shelves (on sale!). Hung curtain rods.

And, today, Tuesday, June 1 - Wood floor installation begins with leveling the slab in the Master Bedroom, trimming the overhangs off the stairs, and notching baseboards.

Looking forward to actually seeing some wood on the floor tomorrow!