Thursday, October 28, 2010

Money Saving Technique

So, I'm working on a larger project....really wanting to use some printed tape to cover a chipboard box, but looking at the 1/2-inch roll that cost me $8 and thinking there's no way. So, then I got an idea...

Step 1 - This is the hardest part. Cut a non-stick craft sheet down to a size that will run through your printer. I cut a Ranger sheet in half so I now have two 9x15 pieces.

Step 2 - Cover the craft sheet lengthwise with strips of masking tape. I used 2-inch strips because I'm working on a larger project.
Step 3 - Run it through your printer, I printed Christmas sheet music on mine. Experiment with your paper settings to find one that uses less ink. DO NOT print as a photo, it will take forever to dry.

Step 4 - Heat set the printer ink. When dry, peel the strips off and use as desired.
Here's a photo of the beginning of my project:
Disclaimer. I assume no responsibility for any damage you may cause to your printer. I abuse my printer on a regular basis and therefore know what I can and can not do to it. Do not try this if you are unsure how your printer will handle this technique.


Diana Joy said...

Interesting idea. How did you heat set it?

Amanda Berens said...

I heat set the ink with just a hand held embossing gun and a little patience. An iron might work too with a little parchment paper on top.