Sunday, July 3, 2011

The universe speaks...

After nearly six months of disuse and accumulation, I clean off my studio tables to find this on the underlying paper covering...
You're welcome. I'm glad you're clean now too.

So, in the last six (uhm, plus) months, I've missed blogging the following:

Hosting Thanksgiving

December Daily Album

Hosting Christmas

Winter semester (yuck!)

Spring Break house projects

Dina Wakely classes

Tim Holtz classes


Severe family illness

Continued infertility

Drawing classes

That should catch me up. I may try and get some photos posted this holiday weekend. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth!


Queen Lightwell said...

Continued infertility...and a weight loss tracker? You might try eHCG...helps with both issues actually! You'll lose weight right up to the moment you get pregnant and have to start putting the weight back on! :)I've lost a bunch of weight on it and my fertility has gone way up...not that I'm trying to get pregnant, just passing it on. Are you ever going to post pictures of your craft room decorated? Loved the raw space pics from when you first moved in...I wish I had that big of a space to craft in! I wouldn't know what to do with myself. :)