Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My (unsuccessful) 2008 HOF Submittal

This was my first time entering, and I was like a proud parent.....

Here it is, for your viewing enjoyment, feedback is always appreciated and questions are always welcomed.


Assignment A - Journal Your Passion

Journaling reads:

Please, no bathing suit photos. Why make it a life goal to visit the top 10 water parks in the US? Mostly because no one has compiled a list of the top 10 water parks in the world (hint hint, travel channel).

Why water parks at all? Well, why not? No remote (or batteries) required. Generally nothing frustrating
enough to require cursing (unlike most of life or the afore mentioned bathing suit photos). Just simplistic fun. Before long, I’m running up the long stair ways to have another go at the “Point of No Return”, the “Master Blaster”, or the aptly named “Royal Flush”.

I’ll also elbow the occasional child away from the water cannons, the water forts, or the water obstacle courses, although I attempt to do so politely. I’ve also found myself patiently trying to explain the finer points of water warfare strategy to ten year olds, after all, everyone needs backup. It doesn’t matter that I no longer have the abdominal muscles to make it across that path of floating water donuts, I’ll take my face-first cannonball punishment for my sedentary lifestyle. Who cares that I’ve never surfed, I’ll take my go at that wave maker, thank you very much. And although I’ve developed an affinity for drowning, there’s no way you’d be able to talk me out of five rounds in the wave pool, up front where the waves are highest.

In fact, the only concession to my age I’ve made is dedicating a large block of each visit to truly, indulgently, experiencing the lazy river (oh yeah, and that prohibition on those pesky bathing suit photos).

Assignment B - Photo Extraordinaire

This layout is built on a 12x12 transparency.

Journaling Reads:

I called Randy over with a breathless “Hey babe, look at the cool stuffed owl!” It was, after all, only six inches or so tall. Then, he *winked* at me. Like he had a secret. 8-24-07

Assignment C - Inventive Technique

This layout is a 12x12 8-pointed star.

Tag Fronts:

Journaling reads:

Tag 1: I can not know where I most wish to be, because I have not seen all there is to see. -RA Salvatore.

Tag 2: Home is where...everything began...we became family...innocence resides...friends are made and kept...dreams are born.

Tag 3: Home is where...I grew up happy, safe, and loved...I met my soulmate...I developed an appreciation for family childhood is.

Journaling reads:

Tag 4: Home is where...I learned to be independent...I became responsible to others...I learned not to be afraid of adventure...I began to acheive my dreams.

Tag 5: Home is where...I married my soulmate...I got my first real job...I met my first sister and I were finally able to be adult life began.

Tag 6: Home is friends heart longs to be...I discovered my art form...I am free to be who I am meant to be...the land is truly beautiful...the people are diverse and accepting...I chose to be.

Journaling reads:

Tag 7: Home is where...we can be close to family...we can watch our family grow...we can begin new adventures...I can pursue my art.

Tag Backs:

Journaling reads:

Tag 1: Many may consider me homeless, unlucky, rootless. I consider myself many homed, lucky in all the adventures and experiences being many homed has given me. And I'm not done yet!

Tag 2: VA 77 - 79

Tage 3: SC 79 - 95

Journaling reads:

Tag 4: MO 95 - 99

Tag 5: WI 99 - 03

Tag 6: CA 03 - 07

Journaling reads:

Tag 7: FL 07 - ?

Assignment D - Designing with 3 or More Photos

This is a 2-page layout.

Page 1:

Page 2:

Journaling Reads:

Pier 39 – Ghirardelli Square – Golden Gate Park – Marin Headlands – Aquarium of the Bay – Lombard St. – Haight Ashbury – Golden Gate Bridge – Cable Cars – the bus system – Shoe Shopping – Sea Lions – Alcatraz – The Bay Bridge – The Financial District – the food – Berkeley – scrapbook stores – Boudin – Harry Mason - seafood

Assignment E - Color Watch

Journaling Reads:

Today, I have chosen to shed outside opinions and prejudices about what I create. Today, I have rejected my own reservations about the value of my work. Today, I have, for the first time, not only proclaimed myself, but fully embraced the significance of being, an artist.

Assignment F - Crafty Combo

Ship is paper-pieced:

Group 3:

This layout is a watercolor on watercolor paper.

Journaling (folds out from back) reads:

For all of his adult life, Randy has adamantly been anti-children. For the bulk of my adult life, so have I. Randy felt he’d had enough of kids watching, and helping, his mother be the neighborhood babysitter. I was never able to imagine how children would fit into our lives.

I always maintained the possibility that would we one day change our minds. Randy maintained the possibility that I would one day take his side.

And for seven years of marriage, that is how it went.

Then, a series of events began in 2006.

Health issues resulted in me not being able to take birth control for the first time in ten years. My hormones were finally allowed to go back to my natural baseline. And then something started ticking, in the back of my mind, intermittently.

I started thinking maybe kids wouldn’t be the end of life as we knew it.

On a day long drive to my sister’s house for Fourth of July 2007, Randy and I started talking about baby names. See, I was always worried I would have a boy first, if I ever had kids. It’s not that I didn’t want a boy; it’s that I didn’t want only boys. I explained to Randy that I couldn’t see myself with boys, partly because I’d never been able to find a little boy’s name that felt right to me.

We found a name that day, both of us, talking like it could actually happen someday.

After a wild week in late 2007, I thought I might be pregnant. I told Randy I would take a pregnancy test in the morning. He asked if he should stay home and wait for the results. I told him not to worry about it, if he didn’t hear from me it was good news. When he asked me if negative was good news, I shrugged.

He said “yeah, I don’t know either”.

(Photo of me holding my niece, {name removed}, on her birthday, October 4, 2002.)

Journaling Reads:

Engineer – cousin – photographer – wife – technologist – environmentalist – geologist – aunt – historian – friend – independent – daughter – sister – artist – academic – hydrogeologist – niece – project manager – scrapbooker – in-law


scrappyhappy08 said...

Wow..great work I love your canvas so pretty!!! And your butterfly layout too!! All of your hard work shows...Kudos to you!!!

Pamela said...

I love it all! You have such great work here and you should really be proud. I too entered HOF and did not win, and that can take a lot out of you, but I want to encourage you to keep trying. Your work is AWESOME!!! Keep submitting, keep trying those contests, your time will come. :)

Stephanie said...

Amanda, your journaling on the water park LO is PRICELESS!! The crafty combo is unbeliveble!!!! It looks like a gallery piece. All of your work is amazing, the butterfly LO...stunning. Thank you so much for sharing these.

Emily Straw said...

Wow can I just say I LOVED your entry!! I wish you had won... :( I especially loved your paper pieced ship (AMAZING!!) and the tag-star page and everything else. I will have to bookmark this for sure!! GREAT JOB!!

(PS Waterworld Colorado is AWESOME!! Definately go sometime!)

tigger said...

I think the thing I was most blown away by was the fact that you DIDN'T win.

Your talent is incredible, innovative and I am SO impressed with your detail and your art...

guess who said...

nice work, loved the ship.

Rosemary said...

Well, I loved what you submitted. They missed out not choosing you. I loved the Not All Who Wonder are Lost layout.