Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finding Balance...and the Need to Simplify

I have been doing a bit of soul searching and relishing a bit of downtime over the last two weeks. Many thanks to those of you who are still checking the blog, I appreciate your patience. You'll be happy to know that I am planning to start posting again this week. I have an alcohol ink technique or two up my sleeves to share.

However, I have established that I need to simplify my life a bit and strike a balance between the work I do for money (engineering), the work I do for the love of it (mixed media), and my "other" life (marriage, friends, etc.). To that end, I am planning to do away with the scheduled weekly technique post. Instead I will be posting at my muse's whim, more with my creative flow instead of on a set schedule.

I hope to still post once or twice a week, so please, keep checking back.


Veronica said...

amanda, I am on the same page with ya! As we get older, it does get harder to "organize" and "schedule" time for US! I like the idea of your techniques coming as they do, whenever they do! I've felt guilty because I haven't gotten here as often as I did! So, I will continue to be your "follower" however you change things! ;)