Wednesday, September 30, 2009

December Daily - Binding

To see how I created the cover for my December Daily album, see this blog post.

Donna Downey's canvas album, which I am using as my base, comes with grosgrain ribbon for binding together the pages. However, the ribbon binding didn't seem like it would work with the paper, acrylic, and chipboard pages I plan to use in addition to the page protectors and canvas pages that come with the album.

My solution was to refit this album with rings.

Here is how I did it (super easy!). I used 2.5-inch binder rings. 2-inch rings were too small, and 3-inch rings were too big, but the 2.5-inch rings fit just perfectly.
Step 1 - Open the ring completely and feed one end through one hole in the back of the album.
Step 2 - Close the ring mostly, and then feed the same end back through the other hole, from the front of the album.
Step 3 - Close the ring and rotate it so that the hinge is at the back of the album, on the outside.
Step 4 - Feed a ribbon through the space between the ring hinge and the album and even up the ends. Ribbon is approximately 18 inches, but less can be used.
Step 5 - Wrap each end of the ribbon around the ring once.
Step 6 - Tie a knot and a bow.
Step 7 - Trim the ribbon ends at an angle.
If you want to try this, and can't find the 2.5-inch rings, I have some for sell in my Etsy store. Also, if you like the torn music fabric ribbon, it is also available in my Etsy store.


Life Made Creations said...

Hi Amanda,
Hopping over from MP and scrolling through your blog. Love your ATC's! This binding method is pure genius! I am definitely going to try this. Can't wait to see your December Daily.

Ali said...

I ended up with rings too - much easier to work with :).