Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Record Book

We're in the process of cleaning out our spaces at work in preparation for some construction and reorganization. So, lots of us are purging things we've held onto for years. I was bequeathed this little vintage jewel on it's way to the trash:
It's about 7 x 11.5 and was nearly full of ledger sheets, only the first 50 pages or so were missing. The pages are heavier than regular paper, and have nice vintage color. So my first thought was that I had just met my next art journal.

So, while watching TV the other night, I liberated it of all but the middle sheets of each signature, to give me space in which to work. I ended up with a ~40 page art journal. I just need to do a little repair on the binding.
I also ended up with about 250 loose pages to use on other projects.