Saturday, May 15, 2010

Come in, Come in!

Okay, I promised pictures right?

I'll start with the soon-to-be scraproom (I call it my studio) and I'll post pictures of the other parts of the house tomorrow.
Photo taken from the door. The room is about 14x16, 225 square feet. We are removing the carpet in putting in hardwood floors.

There are two 51-inch windows, one facing east (on the left in the photo above), one facing south (on the right in the photo above). View to the east:

View to the south:
There is a giant walk-in closet:
And direct access to the upstairs bathroom:
Now, the plus side to a engineer scrapper......ROOM LAYOUTS! Here is my first, very preliminary, attempt to layout my dream studio (click for larger):

Suggestions are ALWAYS appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Looks perfect. Can't wait to see what you create in you new studio. Congrats on the new Home - Jane S

Diana Joy said...

Fabulous space for your future studio...I'm jealous. The house pictures also look wonderful; love the kitchen.