Sunday, May 16, 2010


Okay, I can't post photos of the front of the house for personal security reasons, but I can share a few shots of the inside and a few judicious shots of the outside.

First, this is the 44-inch Live Oak in the front yard. The current owners had added these fake decorative trim pieces to the house. Well, they're made of Styrofoam and we had a woodpecker make herself at home. Here she is sticking her head out to see what I was doing in her driveway.

Here's the tile medallion in the front entry.
My new kitchen:
The upstairs bath (totally forgot to take a photo of the Master bath):
And the backyard (with a second Live Oak):
And, because this is supposed to me a mixed media scrapbooking blog, here's a current project I'm in the middle of:


Laura Kay said...

Oh so beautiful house! I so love all of the tile!!! How wonderful that you have a "guardian" for your new home.:}