Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Scrap Space

Well, I had the stomach flu this week, so I didn't get many projects done (although you may notice some changes to the blog, more about that later). So, I thought I'd post some pictures of my scrap space. Let me know what you think!

Keep in mind, I'm still "apartment-living" so I haven't painted or made any more permanent changes to the room.

Here's what you can see of my scrap room from the hallway:
And here's the best seat in the house, at my scrap tables. This picture is taken from the doorway. I have a separate station for my computer work, which you can just see on the right side of this photo:
These next four photos show the room from each corner, to give you an overview. After the overview photos, there are photos starting from the doorway and going clockwise around the room. First, the overview photos:

Primary Work Space
Photo taken from the doorway.
Computer Station
This photo shows my computer station, which is to the right of the doorway.
Additional Storage
Photo taken from my primary work space:
Primary Storage:
Photo taken from the computer station. I like to have most of what I need within reach, so my primary storage for tools, paper, and embellishments is in the bookcases directly behind my chair:

The remaining photos were taken starting from the doorway and moving clockwise around the room.

Behind the door is my ribbon supply. I have wrapped my ribbon stash around an old crib-rail (hung with the rails horizontal):

Right next to the doorway I have a catch-all. This holds recent purchases, projects in progress, finished pages, new and read magazines, and products for giveaway/RAKs. Right above the catch-all is my bulletin board, which holds a calendar, coupons, notes, etc. Beside the catch-all is a paper tower which holds coordinating paper sets: Right next to the paper tower (on the floor) are canvases (both finished and in progress):
Next to the paper tower is storage for smaller albums, the Bind-it-All, foam stamps, silk and paper flowers, sewing supplies, the Xyron Design Runner, books, and magazines:
On the wall facing the doorway are my deep (15 3/8 in.) bookshelves. These bookshelves hold all of my 12x12 drawer units, photo storage case, 12x12 albums, 12x12 paper/cardstock and other materials, stamps, and Sizzix dies. The smaller drawers on top hold all of my chipboard alphabets:
The upper set of 12x12 plastic drawers hold sorted-by-color embellishments. The lower sets hold tools. In the middle are 12x12 paper holders for paper, cardstock, and acrylic stamps and CD case holders for paint, chipboard, journaling aids, and really mini-albums. The smaller drawers along the left side of the bookshelf hold projects-in-progress:
Next to the deep bookshelves are two cubes that hold my scraps and pens. on top of the cubes is a Sticker Stadium that holds most of my stickers and rubons. Under this end of the table are my supply carriers for crops: In the right hand corner of the room, on my scrap table is a corner shelving unit that holds baby wipes, inspiration pieces, and tools for the Big Kick. Two tables run along the right hand wall of the room. My sewing machine and Making Memories carousel sit on these tables:
My computer station includes my laptop with external monitor, wide format printer, Cricut, Wishblade, and scanner. Most of my electronic equipment sits inside what used to be the closest, I simply removed the doors:

If there is any specific supply you want to know how I have organized in my room, just drop me a comment!


Michele said...

Your room is so organized. That's a great idea with the crib rail! It looks great! Thankfully, we have two cribs just taking space in our basement right now. I might have to break one of them down now.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

nice room, amanda! and I like what you did with the crib rail :)

Blessed to know Him said...

We just took down the crib that all three of our children have slept in. I think I have found a new use! Thanks for sharing.

Brock Family said...

Your room is so neat! It looks very organized and like you could find what you need in a second! Very cool! I enjoyed reading your blog posts and I love your are very talented!

tink13 said...

I love your scrap room. I wish I had a room that large and that organizd. I have to scrap in my bedroom floor. I really like your blog.


Marilyn said...

Your room is awesome! I love scraprooms, someday I hope to have a beautiful one like yours! Hey, I found your blog on a friend's blog...I have added you to my subscriptions. This will sound dumb, but I like to keep track of where my blog faves are from, can you tell me what mbs you are on and your mb name, if any? I am on CKMB and AMR.

Amanda Berens said...


Thanks for the comment. I am "rayvin" on the CKMB and "Amanda in FL" on and Two Peas. Glad you found me!


nancy said...

Wow, thanks for the tour! It's beautiful! I'm especially jealous of that Wishblade... do you like it? Also love the ribbons organized by color.

tigger said...

I'm insanely jealous of your room - and hope someday to have something close to it!

I'll see you on - I'm tigger. (guess that's a DOH)

Veronica said...

I am jealous of ANYONE who has a scrap space, be it a closet, hallway, laundry room, you get the drift! ;) Yours looks awesome and I am in awe! I have a crib rail in my attic, just taking up space, when I could be using it! Oh, wait, don't have a space for it, that's WHY it's in the attic! LOL TFS, it looks great!

Stacy said...

Awesome space. Just checked out your blog after I saw it on the SY Yahoo group.

Shirley said...

I love your space!!! you are so organized. My room looks like all heck broke loose in it!!!LOL! Great ideas!

Donna said...

That is an awesome scrap space and it's beautifully organized! Beyond well done!

Scrappycath said...

Fantastic space to spark your creativity! You are even artistic in your organization! Hope you spend many happy hours in this room!

kitten91303 said...

Where did you get your "ART" wall art? I love it! great Space!

Amanda Berens said...

Thanks for the comment!
I bought the paper mache letters from JoAnne's etc. They are meant to be Greek letters for sororities/fraternities, but these these 3 particular letters work pretty well as regular letters. I then covered them with Basic Grey's Scarlet's Letter papers cut into 4-inch squares and embellished them. Glad you like them (they're actualy not done yet, still have some more embellishing planned).