Thursday, July 17, 2008

White Water Photos!

Well...I've looked back at my last few posts and realized.....there's just way too much text....not nearly enough photos. So, to remedy that, here are the white water photos I promised!

My husband and I took two separate white water trips while on vacation in June. The first was on the Nolichucky River. This one was just the two of us, and about 20 strangers.

We're the two in the front of the raft: Here's a closer one:
And this one gives you a nice overview of the beautiful Nolichucky River (at a calm spot):
The second trip we took was on the Upper Pigeon Forge River. This trip was with my parents and my sister and her husband. That's us in the back of the raft, my parents are in the middle, and my sister and her husband are up front (again, at a calm spot):

The first three photos were provided by our guide company, the Nantahala Outdoor Center (highly recommended, they did a great job). The last one was taken by our raft guide with one of our waterproof disposable cameras.

Have a wonderful weekend!


NanaBeth said...

Super pictures-looks like a wonderful time. And I'm thinking pictures with water on them would look great in acrylic albums!