Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stamp Storage's amazing how a whole week can get away from you.

I've gotten/seen alot of questions about stamp storage methods, so I thought I'd share mine, it's a bit unique but easy and relatively inexpensive.

Behind my chair sits a bookshelf that hold a number of Cropper Hopper 12x12 vertical paper holders, which you can find here . These four paper holders hold my acrylic/unmounted stamp collection. My collection is organized (by Cropper Hopper dividers) into alphas (the first paper holder and 2/3 of the second) and nature, animal, themed, and geometric/swirly image stamps. I have about 3 dozen alpha sets and many-many-many image sets. This storage method is the most space efficient I've found. Each paper holder holds about a dozen 12x12 page protectors. Each paper protector holds two stamps sets, one on each side of the white paper insert.
Here's one of the page protectors. Large stamp sets I leave on the acetate sheet they come on when I purchase them.
Smaller stamp sets I remove from the original packaging and place on 8.5x11 acetate transparencies I purchase at an office supply store. This allows me to make the most of my storage space by combining smaller sets. I just write the name of the manufacturer above the stamp set.
I place the stamps in the page protector so that the acetate sheet is toward the plastic page protector and the stamp surface is toward the paper insert. This way the stamps don't stick to the page protector and they are easy to slip in and out.

Hope you have a good week!


renee said...

I love your stamp storage. This is an extremely space efficient way of storing stamps. Thanks for sharing.

geekdetails said...

That is pretty clever. I have mine in CD cases, but I think I like your method better. I also think it would work really well in the scraprack I have. I'll have to go try it out now. Thanks for the idea

Veronica said...

That looks great! I just saw a video on removing stamp from wooden base! I don't have many stamps {yet} but I can easily manage CD cases!! Everyone pretty much is about the same as storage. Guess I need to be!

fran said...

love your storage idea,,would like to know where I can purchase the large pages you place the stamps directly on ,,and what is the manufacturer of the large stamp set with all the flourishes and the word beauty on it,,it is a lovely set...thanks

Amanda Berens said...

fran, glad you like it! The clear sheets the stamps are on are just 8.5x11 overhead (write-on) transparencies that can be purchased from any office supply store, Walmart, Target, etc. The large stamp set is an older set from Fancy Pants called "Pollen Dust". It came on a 12x12 backing.

ryn said...

thanks for sharing. gonna try this :D