Friday, June 12, 2009

Where do I go...?

...When I disappear like that?

I work full time, I'm actually a civil engineer, geologist, and hydrogeologist when I'm in my Clark Kent day clothes. Work has been crazy over the last few weeks, and promises to be crazy for a few weeks more. I'm trying not to complain, just to be happy in the fact that I am employed and busy.

I'm having a quandary. We had to return the second set of kittens because my hubby was allergic to at least one of them, probably the Bengal kitten. Now we're trying to figure out if it's worth trying one more time, probably with two Siberian kittens, or if it's just not worth the emotional strain.

And I've got a cold. Started last Sunday with a sore throat and is still hanging on. I'm not so sick that I can justify calling in sick and sleeping all day, but I'm sick enough that I'm pretty much exhausted after working all day.

But I have been creating, I've got fabric flowers to share, instructions for making my monster buttons, and a few relatively complete pages from my Inspired spin journal to post. All coming soon, don't give up on me :) .