Saturday, January 23, 2010

Older Layout...

Here's a layout I did about 5 years ago. I'm just sharing for the funny.
Journaling in contained in the 2x2 magnetic album in the bottom left hand corner (under small photo). Here is the journaling:

"Out of all the things I was told could, or imagined would, go wrong during our wedding, I never considered man-eating ladybugs. Japanese beetles to be precise, but they look just like garden variety ladybugs. Biggest difference? They bite hard! And alot! And without provocation. Seems Milwaukee was suffering from an infestation of the carnivorous little insects. And during our wedding, they infested the layers of my dress. I had to be shaken out after the ceremony. One particularly annoying red and black sucker decided to nibble upon my elbow for about five minutes of the ceremony. I tried to rub my elbow against my side to dislodge the pest without looking like I've suddenly decided marriage wasn't for me and that I was seriously considering running back down the aisle."