Sunday, January 10, 2010

One Little Word 2009, Part 2

Here are my 12 Florida "Explore"-ations for 2009. Come back tomorrow to see the layout I created with all 24 "One Little Word" 2009 photos.

Yes, there is hiking (and mountain biking) in Florida.

Giraffe petting anyone?
Two, count them TWO water parks for my birthday this year!
Tiger cub petting.
And a little culture to top it off.


Stampmouse said...

looks like a great lineup. on the busch gardens tour did you do the extra tour. by that I mean the one that costs extra?? we will be there for one day in febuary and trying to decide if we should just explore the park or do the tour too. hoping it isn't a MUST do as we already have a lot of things on our plates.

Amanda Berens said...


The park itself is awesome. You'll have fun just going to the park. However, we did the extra tour. There are several, we did the most expensive which included a 2 hour behind the scenes tour. We fed giraffes, rhinos, and flamingos, got to handle Clydesdales, and anteater, and an Australian opossum. We also got a close up encounter with a hippo (they like Jello). If you have the time (and the cash) I highly recommend it.