Friday, January 8, 2010

One Little Word - 2009, Part 1

Did you participate in "One Little Word" for 2009? How did it go?

If you're not familiar with "One Little Word", read this post by Ali Edwards.

In a nutshell, you pick one single word on which to focus your year. Your one little word acts in some ways like a New Year's Resolution, but instead of identifying a single action you wish to take during the year, your word identifies a focus for your year.

For 2009, my one little word was EXPLORE. This word had two meanings for me, I wanted to explore the depths of my creativity and my new home state. I envisioned ending the year with one art-related and one adventure-related story to tell for each month.

Here are my art-related explorations for 2009. I will post the adventure-related explorations tomorrow. Sunday I plan to share my one little word for 2010. And Monday look for a layout of the results of "One Little Word" 2009.

January - First formal art class, Mixed Media at St. Petersburg Art Center.
February - An example of my Photo-a-Day challenge for 2009.
March - My first attempt at art journaling.

April - Making my first home decor pieces. This was made for a friend (for her one little word).
May - Participating in swaps for the first time.
June - Creating an inspiration journal.
July - Taking a fabric scrapbooking class with Donna Downey.
August - Playing with collage.
September - Creating my own Etsy store.
October - Joining Method Playground's Design Team.
November - My first attempt at book binding.
December - My first time playing along to the "12 Tags of Christmas".


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Chris said...

Love how you were able to capture your word with all of the 'new' you did this last year.

Have Myelin? said...

I really like this idea. I plan to do this.