Thursday, January 8, 2009

PAD 1-8-09

Ok, so it turns out I rather suck as this Photo-A-Day thing. Two days in a row now I have missed opportunities to take awesome photos of our daily lives, I have just completely forgotten to do it when the chance arrived. Yesterday, we went to our normal Wednesday lunch restaurant (we do this every week because both my hubby and I work from home on Wednesdays) to find it closed. I mean closed as in the signs were removed, not closed as in we'll be open tomorrow. No warning, no nothing. Do I think to take a picture? Not a chance.

And today I went out to lunch with the "gals" from work. Just to let off some steam. Take a picture? Nope. And to top it off, even if I HAD thought to take a picture, I had left my camera's memory card in the card reader of my I couldn't have done it anyway...


So today, you get a picture of me.....Bloggin':


Veronica said...

It's a good picture and you have 2 GREAT stories for those days! You can always go back to the "closed" restaurant and take a pic! ;-)