Monday, March 9, 2009

One Little Word - How's it Going?

So, how is your focus on "one little word" for 2009 going now that we're a few months in?

If you haven't heard of the "one little word" initiative, see Ali Edwards post here. Basically, the idea is to choose one word to focus on for the year. Sort of like a resolution, but more fluid, more general, more forgiving.

My one little word for 2009 is "explore". For me it has two meanings: (1) explore the area in which I live and (2) explore the depths of my creativity.

I am planning to document my journey this year via my one little word, probably with a layout or a minibook. My hope is that I will have one event per month that addresses each aspect of my word. I know that I am likely to forget details over time, so I am keeping track of each "one little word" related event as I go.

So far, for 2009:


I explored Alafia State Park.I took a mixed media painting class at the local Arts Center.February:

I took the Animal Adventure tour at Busch Gardens. I dabbled in making Home Decor items for other people.March (in progress):

I took Art Journaling 102, an online course.I know in the months to come I'm planning to attend The Scrapbook Expo in Orlando and take a few classes, attend a couple of classes Tim Holtz is giving locally, and maybe take another class at the local Arts Center. I am also planning to explore Devil's Millhopper in Gainesville, see a shuttle launch at the Cape, and see at least one Rays baseball game.

How's "One Little Word" going for you? If you haven't picked a word, it's not too late.


Veronica said...

Mine is "Live." And I'm doing just that! I am not being a "spectator" in my own life. I'm LIVING in it!!