Monday, March 16, 2009

What I Did Yesterday

So, we went to Titusville, FL yesterday, along with about 3/4 of the population of Florida. Remember, you can click the photos to view larger versions.

That's the Vehicle Assembly Building to the right.

The dark beam was actually the shadow of the exhaust trail. The sun was reflecting off of the upper portions of the exhaust trail causing the orange glow.
You can start seeing the shuttle in this photo, it's the white dot at the end of the exhaust trail.
The two smaller white dots below the shuttle are the external boosters that are jettisoned about two minutes after launch.
The shuttle is the white dot just over the left side of the palm tree.
And here's a view of the crowd.
Totally worth doing, once.


Amy said...

That is Awesome!! That is one thing I would love to do someday!

Anonymous said...

We saw that, too - from a couple hundred miles away. Kinda cool to think about how many people (in Florida and around the world, via TV & internet) were all watching that liftoff at the same time!
TFS the photos!