Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PAD 4-11-09 and 4-12-09

Ok, this was my worst Easter weekend ever.

It started out awesome enough. Earlier in the week I had ferreted out some information that there would be four 8-week old orange tabby kittens for adoption at our local Petco. Most of you know I've been desperately searching for a cat to adopt, and for some reason I don't understand, I've been wanting an orange tabby.

Saturday morning my hubby and I headed over to the Petco and meet Otto and Sam. Two of the coolest kittens ever. Otto was outgoing and cool, Sam was shy but a trouble maker. We each had one purring in our arms in no time.

Since they're kittens, the adoption agency didn't want them going home alone, so we adopted both of them! That would be Sam (the instigator) taking a whack at Otto's tail.

Ok, you must understand that my husband is NOT what you would call a cat person. But these kittens even had him wrapped around their littel tails. It was instant love, for both of us.

It didn't take long for it all to fall apart. You see, my hubby has cat allergies, although he is not sensitive to ALL cats, just SOME cats....and apparently THESE cats.

It was really bad. We had to inform the adoption agency that we would be returning them less than 24 hours after adopting them.

Now our apartment feels empty. How do you take a photo of an empty feeling apartment? How about a slice of empty floor where our kittens had been playing 24 hours before?