Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Want A Prize?

A few posts ago I mentioned that we've recently tried to adopt kittens; to no avail because my husband has been having a serious allergic reaction to them. Well, I think I've found a solution. I have located a local lady who has two litters of Siberian kittens. The Siberian breed is commonly considered a "hypoallergenic" cat in that it does not usually incite an allergic reaction even in people allergic to cats. We are planning to go this weekend to pick out two kittens.

So here's where I could use your help. Name ideas. In fact, I'm going to turn this into a contest. We can't bring the kittens home for about a month because they are only four weeks old now. So, until we bring them home, feel free to suggest potential names. If we end up using a name you suggest, I'll send you a scrappin' prize package! There is a potential for up to two winners.

I'll post pictures of the actual kittens we choose next week. But for now here are pictures of the litters.

Now, we're already considering the following names, so you can't win with these:
Also, you should know that I prefer not to give them human names. Other than that, be as creative as you want to be!
And thanks for the help!