Friday, August 1, 2008

August SFTIO Layouts

August's Scrapbooking from the Inside Out kit theme is confidence. Here are the five layouts I submitted for the Design Team. And don't forget to check out the altered item I did for August in the post below (you won't want to miss it...).


Coming Out:

Outside the Box (using the box the kit shipped in):

Queen: Journaling reads:

It's weird. I remember high school as this horrible time when I never fit in no matter how hard I tried. I remember being rather shy and introverted. I remember rumors...But then I see this picture of me during my senior year, preparing to leave for college. And although this crowd could never be considered the "in" crowd, I was obviously accepted...even well liked. Here I obviously had friends.Looking at this picture, the way I'm comfortably ensconced in the middle, with my feet up on the desk, and my arms draped around those beside me, you might have even thought I was Queen.It's weird.I don't remember having that kind of confidence. I don't remember being that comfortable in my own skin. I don't remember having that kind of presence, that kind of personality.I guess it's true, our memories have a tendency to hold onto the bad and the painful over the good and simple.