Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tech Tips - Glimmer Mist

Ok, so I think I'm going to start an additional technique series here. I'm all the time stumbling upon tips, tricks, mistakes, etc. while I'm creating, which is all the time these days. A lot of these "mini-epiphanies" are not involved enough to qualify for the weekly Technique Hump Day post, but I think they are just as important to share. I'll publish these tips/tricks as I come upon them.

So for today, a footnote about Glimmer Mist. Turns out Mod Podge removes it. So, if you are wanting to use Glimmer Mist on a project you are planning to Mod Podge, I would suggest sealing the Glimmer Mist first.

Happy Sunday!


Deb said...

Hi Amanda! I love glimmer mist and have also made lots of discoveries! It's fabulous on chipboard and dries very quickly. It doesn't take as quickly to grungeboard, but the metallic portion of the mist will eventually settle into the depressed portion of the pattern and looks pretty cool! And I usually have to iron any paper that I've misted since the paper gets a bit warped. Cheers! Deb