Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Hats Should be Required....

So today, I wore a Santa hat to work...and I wore it all day.

At one point during the day, someone I was working with on a project did something inappropriate and I got a bit frustrated.

So, I'm walking down the hallway at work, probably stomping more than walking, with a glower on my face...

...when suddenly it occurs to me just how silly I must look stomping down the hallway, with an angry face, all while wearing a Santa hat...

...picturing it made me laugh and I immediately began to take myself less seriously.

I think Santa hats should be required, we could all use a little help taking ourselves less seriously.


With all the preparation for my Christmas vacation, I have not been able to get as far into my Holiday album as I hoped, so I will be posting the next update after Christmas.

I am planning to post pictures of my trip as I go, so stay tuned.

I hope you have a safe and joyous holiday!


Lida said...

Very true, have fun in you trip!

Anonymous said...

I agree. I always wear a Santa hat to work a few days before Christmas. People always love it and end up asking to try it on.