Thursday, February 5, 2009

Binding My Project 365 Folders

I am using 2-inch, white, uncoated book binding tape that I purchased here to bind my weekly folders together. I chose white book binding tape because I am using white as an accent color throughout the book and so that I could easily alter the tape if I wanted to.

I have decided to alter the tape differently for each month. For the month of January, I am stamping circles on the binding tape with paint. I am doing all of the bindings for January at once.

Step 1. Cut the binding tape slightly longer than the sheets you are binding together and temporarily adhere to a non-stick craft sheet.
Step 2. Alter as desired. I am simply stamping randomly with paint using a BoBunny acrylic stamp you can see here. I stamped several times before reloading my stamp with paint to get images of varying saturation.
Step 3. Lay the folders you want to bind next to each other, leaving approximately 0.1-inch of space (sorry, I'm an engineer, slightly less than 1/8-inch), center the tape, and adhere.

Step 4. Flip the folders over and trim off the excess tape with a craft knife.
I will bind all of the folders into a chipboard cover at the end of the year. Unfortunately, there's no real way to bind on the covers until all the interior pages are done.


Veronica said...

Very COOL Amanda! LOVE IT! Way to make it your own. Thanks for all you do!

Chris said...

This is just TOO awesome. Cannot wait for the end of the year!