Wednesday, February 18, 2009

PAD 2-18-09 Guacamole Wars

To explain I've pasted the comment I left on the Chipotle website below.

I wanted to let you know about my experience today. I am allergic to both wheat and dairy, which means I patronize VERY FEW restaurants, typically only those that offer a gluten free menu or happen to use ingredients that work with my diet. I ordered the hard tacos with chicken and lettuce, no cheese, no sour cream. I asked for guacamole and was told it would be a $2 charge. I unsuccessfully tried to explain to the employees working the food and the register that I was unable to eat both the cheese and the sour cream that came with the food price. Frustrated, I said I was unlikely to come back at those prices ($10 for 3 hard tacos and a drink). After I sat down, the manager came over and, right off the bat offered me a free order of guacamole, even though at that point he just thought I was being an unreasonable customer. Once I explained my situation, he said he would let his employees know that I could substitute guacamole for cheese and sour cream in the future. He was understanding, and I really appreciated that, I run into these types of issues all the time and don't always get an understanding response. So I'm writing for two reasons: 1) I wanted to let you know that this particular manager is doing a great job in an age and in a place where customer service pretty much sucks all around. 2) I wanted to suggest that you consider allowing all customers to substitute cheese and sour cream for guacamole, even if it's for a much smaller up charge (I'm not trying to screw you guys) because I know I'm not the only dairy-free customer out there. Thanks for your consideration.


Veronica said...

YAY! for you. When I worked in a restaurant many moons ago, I tried very hard to be accomodating! I was successful quite a lot! Guess you'll be back! ;-)