Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Wreath

Here is the Christmas wreath I made for this year:
Here is how I put it together:

Step 1 - Wire the light battery packs to the back of the wreath, in a position where the on/off switches are easily accessible. Keep in mind that the battery packs are heavy, so wherever you place them will become the bottom of the wreath. Push the light bulbs through the wreath from back to front so that the light wires are hidden by the bulk of the wreath.

Ste 2 - Add two evergreen sprigs. Bend the sprigs so that they follow the curve of the wreath. Place the springs so that they point away from each other. Wire the sprigs to the wreath.
Step 3 - Decorate your wreath. I used candy and berry garland around the entire wreath and red hydrangea and pine cones at the focal point (at the base of the evergreen sprigs).
Step 4 - Hang and enjoy.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


Chris said...

Love the garland you used on this. Where'd you find it? Very pretty end result.

Amanda Berens said...

The candy/berry garland came from Michaels. Thanks!

Ona said...

You are starting to inspire me to decorate this year. I've gotten SO lazy! ...and out of it - didn't know a string of lights could come with a battery pack!