Sunday, November 1, 2009

Advent Calendar and December Daily

I have started creating an Advent calendar for this year. I am planning to create the Advent calendar using two 7Gypsies ATC holders (which have a total of 24 ATC-sized spaces). The ATCs will be inspired by Tim Holtz's "12 Tags of Christmas" 2007 and 2008.

Day 1:
To provide space for a small treat or note each day, I am attaching each ATC to small, ATC-sized brown paper bags (I bought these at Hobby Lobby):

Here is an idea of what the ATCs will look like in the holders:
As each day of December passes, and the treats/notes are removed from the calendar, I am planning to reuse the ATCs as the numbers/days in my December Daily Album.


Chris said...

Way cool and love how you're multi-purposing!

gleestormont said...

i love the tones that you are using and great idea to move them into your DD!!

Life Made Creations said...

What a fantastic idea!

haejin said...

wow, this is really gorgeous. and i love this idea!