Saturday, November 7, 2009

Class 4 - Art Journaling 301

Here are my results from Class 4 of Dina Wakley's Art Journaling 301 class.

First, I created a spray ink collage using the same templates and spray ink colors I used for my other art journal elements.
Then I used that spray ink collage, along with coordinating scrapbook papers, fabric, and vintage paper to create two paper collages.

Then I cut the paper collages into confined collages for my art journal. I chose stars because I am using a star motif elsewhere in my art journal and I also cut a few pairs of wings.
I outlined my confined collages with charcoal for definition. I prefer outlining to inking edges because I like a more urban (rather than vintage) distressed look.
I can't share the instructions for this class with you, but I can point you to this post which provides instructions for a similar project.


Anonymous said...

I'm doing the class too, and I love the way you've used swirls with the letters! Alexa

Ona said...

Used this collage technique years ago; the magazine article called it 'serendipity squares' because all final pieces were cut into squares. Never thought to cut into various motifs. Love that!
Charcoal gives a more urban that, too!

Loving your blog. Am reading and learning.

Clair said...

Awesome. Awesome. Never thought of cutting up collages. Me thinks you're a new source of much needed inspiration ...

scrappinmomto2girls said...

wow!! awesome creations! I love the colors u picked!