Monday, November 16, 2009

Method Playground Challenge 55 - Ribbon Titles

Method Playground challenge 54 is up! You can view all the DT layouts and submit your own here.

Challenge 54 is create your title with ribbon. I adhered strips of ribbon to a chipboard letter to create a portion of my title. I used this technique because I thought the strips of ribbon nicely complemented the stripes on the hot air balloons in my photos.I thought it might be fun to show you some of the other iterations I went through with my title design and placement.

This first iteration is colorful and fun, but just a tad too busy for my taste:Then I tried toning down the title to just one word. But then I lost the visual triangle I had between the title elements, although you still have a visual triangle between the colorful background paper elements and the colorful title. This last iteration was the one I ended up using. Once I stamped in the rest of the title, I ended up with a visual triangle between my black title elements and another one between the colorful background paper elements and my striped title element.