Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Class 3 - Art Journaling 301

Class 3 of Art Journaling 301 with Dina Wakley was creating add-in pages (smaller pages that will be sewn into the journal binding). I created my add-in pages from vintage dictionary pages and added spray ink over stencils (swirls, dots, and hand cut stars), paint, charcoal outlining, and sewing.

Here are my add-in pages:


Chris said...

Very awesome. Can't wait to see this all put together. Every time I see your stuff I'm jealous of your talent. Great work!

Helena said...

Your art journal is coming out FANTASTIC! I just found your blog and have been enjoying your posts. I have 3 questions about the art journal: what does color was mean? what are your basic papers? cardstock? don't they warp with the spray ink? And lastly: what do you mean by spray ink? Would Glimmer mist do? Or diluted acrylic paints?
Thank you so much.

Amanda Berens said...


Thanks for your questions! A color wash is just painting with REALLY watered down paint. This technique gives you a traslucent effect and allows the colors you are using to flow and blend together. The paper used for the 8x8 pages (main pages) is heavy duty watercolor paper. This paper does not warp under all these layers. The paper used for the add-in pages is vintage dictionary paper. These papers warped slightly under the spray ink, but I blottted up excess spray ink quickly so the warping wasn't too bad. Lastly, I am using Glimmer Mist and Adirondack ColorWash spray inks, but I have also used watered down acrylic paint in the past. The paint just takes longer to dry. Have fun!

Melanie Stanczyk said...

I'm just following Ali's blog to yours and came across this post. I'm taking the calls too. Isn't it FUN!!!