Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Class 7 - Art Journaling 301

I have deviated from the class instructions in creating my covers. For those who know me, you're probably wondering why it took so long.

Dina's suggestion was to use the paint colors we used in out journal to paint the cover. And I did, but the all-over bright oranges, greens, and pinks I used were just too overwhelming for the introspective theme of the journal (in my opinion).

So instead, I covered my covers with the brown shipping paper I had been using to protect my work surface while creating the journal. I thought it perfectly supported the "Graffiti of My Life" theme of the journal. And it was covered in all the paint and ink colors and stenciled shapes I had used in my journal.

I cut out some star shapes from the brown paper, so you can see portions of my painted covers, added a bit more stenciling, and hand stitched around the stars. Still deciding on my title.

Front cover:
Inside front cover:

Inside back cover:
Back cover:


ona said...

A jaw-dropping, right in front of your nose idea! Wonderfully effortless!
So much of the joy is in the process; love being able to take part in yours.